About the LAWineFest Popular Choice Awards

We are thrilled to debut the LAWineFest Popular Choice Awards, which will take place throughout event weekend. The power to determine the winners in 15 different categories are in YOUR hands! The awards are powered and tabulated by the very cool and intuitive wine app, Quini.

We encourage you to download Quini to your smartphone, fire it up, and vote for your favorite wines between 1 p.m. on Saturday and 4 p.m. on Sunday.

Voting using Quini is FREE. Support your favorite wineries by voting. They need your votes to win!

And to sweeten the experience, Quini will be rewarding everyone with ‘thank you gifts’… from tokens of appreciation for every 5 reviews you submit on Quini, to an entry into $100 gift certificate draws for every 10 reviews you do!

Get started NOW by downloading and doing a few wine tasting ‘practice rounds’ on the app. So you’re ready to hit the road, er, tasting when you get to the LAWineFest.



Available on the App Store
Available On Android
Available On Android

About Quini

Here is a fun video of Quini.

Quini was made by people who love wine. We wanted to create a new, accessible way for people to enjoy wine, learn about tasting, develop their skills and find amazing wines through friends and recommendations.

No pretense. No jargon. Each petal of the Quini bloom is a facet of the tasting experience that expands your knowledge and enjoyment.