When you were exploring last summer’s WineFest, you may have noticed a new exhibitor – ZAP, also known more accurately but less entertainingly as Zinfandel Associates and Producers. ZAP is a great organization, and I wanted to let you know about their famed Zinfandel Experience.

This three-day event will be held January 23-25, with various programs conducted at the Presidio and at the Four Seasons Hotel of San Francisco. Tickets and more information are currently available on ZAP’s website (www.zinfandel.org, which also has contact information if you’re in the trade, media, or interested in volunteering).

Program highlights include ‘Epicuria Food and Zinfandel Pairings’, which kicks off the event Thursday. On Friday, a great testing seminar called ‘Flights! Forum of Flavors’ will pour wines from the best of old Zinfandel vineyards. Then the ‘Evening with the Winemakers – Fabulous Forties’ will have the additional benefit of featuring special wines not poured elsewhere in the ZAP program. Saturday is all about the Experience Tasting tracks, which allows attendees to pick and pursue their greatest interests.

Add in food trucks, a chance to meet and learn from esteemed winemakers, and the fun of rubbing elbows with other wine enthusiasts like yourself, and the ZAP Experience makes a quick trip to San Francisco even more entertaining than usual.

I hope to see you there!

Happy Tasting,
Joel M. Fisher